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Odon had a booth at the Mesa, Arizona Crossroads Gun Show on March 11th and 12th. We had a lot of individuals stop by our booth and check out the illumiSAFE and the illumiSAFE mini. The first day we had Burt and Carrie Skiba attend along with three of their children. Owen the six year old opened and closed the illumiSAFE as people passed, which brought just about everyone over to check it out. Both gun owners and non-gun owners alike loved the illumiSAFE and its connected features. 
On Sunday we had our engineer Yuchong Li, our CEO Burt, and his son Max man the booth, and once again we received overwhelming feedback from people. In fact the guy at the booth next to us said that in all the years that he has been doing these shows that he has never seen so many vendors come out of their own booth, check out another company’s product, and want to purchase their product. We want to thank everyone that stopped by our booth and singed up for our email list. Please stay tuned to details on our upcoming Kickstarter. 
Startup Grind - Global Conference]]>Burt Skibahttps://www.odonsafes.com/single-post/2017/02/19/Startup-Grind-Global-Conferencehttps://www.odonsafes.com/single-post/2017/02/19/Startup-Grind-Global-ConferenceSun, 19 Feb 2017 23:41:04 +0000
This last week Odon had the opportunity to attend StartupGrind’s Global Conference in Silicon Valley where Odon was chosen out of over 6,000 companies worldwide to be a part of Startup Grind’s Top 50 Companies. Odon was able to showcase the illumiSAFE along-side the illumiSAFE mini, as well as pitch our products to hundreds of attendees. The response we received was overwhelming. Every time Odon’s booth was passed and the individual saw the illumiSAFE open their surprised face was a joy to see. We were blown away by all the attention that ODON and the illumiSAFE received from the conference attendees. From 8am - 5pm we were answering questions and showing off the Company’s products.
We learned a lot from everyone that came to our booth on the good, and what we need to improve upon in Odon’s product offerings. We plan on taking this feedback and applying it to our products so that our customers can have the best possible user experience. Odon’s goal is to provide the best possible user experience to our customers with each of our product offerings.  We want to thank everyone that stopped by our booth, and those who showed interest in supporting us in a few weeks on Kickstarter. We will keep everyone posted.